The Importance of Cyber Security

The Importance of Cyber Security

The Importance of Cyber Security

As the world becomes more and more complex and the threat of cyber-attacks becomes more and more real, Site Dudes is proud to announce that we are now offering cyber security solutions. Pairing with cyberconIQ allows us to offer even greater peace of mind for your business, your clients, and your customers. In this blog, we will briefly discuss the importance of cyber security and the new partnership Site Dudes has with

Site Dudes is already well-known for providing excellent online hosting services for SMBs across North America. We believe that our new partnership with cyberconIQ makes us the clear choice when choosing an IT company to provide end-to-end online services for your company.

Cyber Attacks Are like a Mushroom Cloud on the Horizon

Cyber threats are everywhere these days, and are becoming more prevalent. The number of attacks on businesses and individuals is already staggering, yet still exploding in terms of frequency and cost. The numbers are staggering and almost impossible for anyone to get their head around. Consider just a few examples:


Why You Need Cyber Security Services

Data breaches can lead to identity theft, stolen credit information, and other significant crimes. If your company becomes the victim of a cyberattack, it can affect your bottom line. Not only that, but a cyber-attack on your company could very likely affect your customers and clients. In turn, your company’s image and perceived trustworthiness could also be damaged. That could have profound long-term implications for keeping and acquiring clients and business partners.


Small Businesses Are More Frequent Targets of Cyberattacks Than Larger Companies

Forbes recently summarized the results of a year-long study that looked at millions of emails and thousands of companies. The report revealed that businesses with fewer than 100 employees experienced 350% more social engineering attacks than larger corporations. That probably comes as no surprise. SMBs are constantly working harder and doing more with less. And the big companies have the personnel, time, and money to protect themselves with entire teams of IT professionals whose job it is to protect their company from cyber threats.

But it is vitally imperative that small companies protect themselves from cyber threats. After all, SMBs typically work with smaller profit margins and usually have less attractive business loans than a large corporation, let alone a multinational. A cyber-attack on a Fortune 500 company probably wouldn’t put it out of business, but it might mean the end of yours. So, what can you do? How can you protect your company’s vitality and our customers’ best interests?


Why the Partnership Between Site Dudes and cyberconIQ Should Interest You

As a small business owner, the new partnership between Site Dudes and cyberconIQ offers an attractive cyber security solution. That’s because cyberconIQ’s revolutionary approach to reducing cyber-risks includes not just technical factors but also human factors. Furthermore, cyberconIQ’s cyber security solutions involve engaging your employees with training and determining risk styles and online behavior patterns.


cyberconIQ Trains Employees to Avoid Phishing, Where Cyber Attacks Start

Phishing is one of those words you may have first heard about when dictionaries began including it. Merriam-Webster defines phishing as:

“the practice of tricking Internet users (as through the use of deceptive email messages or websites) into revealing personal or confidential information which can then be used illicitly”

As we mentioned earlier, over 75% of targeted cyberattacks start with an email, which is designed to trick its reader into revealing confidential information. cyberconIQ trains employees to be mindful and vigilant against phishing and other cyber attacks. Results of cyberonIQ training have proven to be remarkable, with the probability of a human factor cybersecurity breach being reduced by up to 75% as a result of cyberonIQ training.

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