In business, there are two main types of customers – New customers and existing customers.

The problem is that most companies focus too much on acquiring new customers that they lose existing customers, leaving money on the table – missing out on easy sales.

Many businesses get so focused on trying to attract new customers that they forget to pay attention to a very important segment of their customer base – the customers you already have.

Your website is likely a perfect example of this situation. Its set up to attract new business, but where it falls short is providing value and reasons for your existing customers to continue to buy from you.

Why Are Existing Customers So Important?

Existing customers are one of your most fruitful revenue streams. Here’s why:

  • You already have a relationship with them
  • They have already purchased your products/services
  • They are likely to buy from you again
  • You already have their information and you can market directly to them

Therefore, your website should NOT just be a tool to generate new clients. Its purpose is twofold: It needs to have the ability to attract new clients while also nurturing your relationship with your existing customer base.

Remember that even though existing customers may have purchased from you in the past, it doesn’t mean they will come back. If they feel ignored or they feel like you are not providing them with good enough after sale service, they’ll go elsewhere. You need to give them a reason to become a returning customer.

How To Target Existing Clients With Your Website

Your website should be a place where your existing customers visit regularly. Each time they visit it is an opportunity for you to further your relationship with them and convert them into a repeat customer. Many of your customers right now are probably on the fence about whether or not to purchase your products/services.

What are you doing to earn their business and earn their trust?

Here are some ways to target existing customers and keep them coming back:

  • Including testimonials on your site
  • Providing photos or samples of your work
  • Providing useful information in the form of articles, blog posts
  • Engaging existing customers on social media
  • Making it easier for them to make additional purchases
  • Offer exclusive deals on your website for existing customers

A Repeat Visit To Your Website Is An Opportunity For A Sale

Targeting existing customers, gaining their trust through your website is just common sense. The more frequently existing clients visit your website, the more trusting relationship you will have, and more likely to make a purchase from you than your competition.

Contact Site Dudes To Turn Existing Clients Into Paying Customers

Your website can be used for more than just attracting new clients, it can help you keep the clients you already have. Contact Site Dudes today to explore your options to enhance your website capabilities.

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