If you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on potential business and you are losing business to your competitors. Why? The first thing that people do when they are looking for a product or service is to do a search online. Whether they are using their smartphone, tablet or computer, they’ll go to Google and do a search.

What happens if you don’t have a website? NOTHING – because you don’t have an online presence. For this reason alone, you need a website. It’s just part of doing business today.

Many of you may be asking, “But does my business/industry really need a website?” No matter which business you are in, the answer is YES! Whether you’re a home contractor, plumber, mechanic, or even a local coffee shop, you need to have an online presence if you want people to find you online, and if you want people to contact you about your products and services.


8 Reasons You Should Already Have a Website

There are also many other reasons why you need a professional website:

  1. Your competitors already have a website – you should too!
  2. It makes it easier for your customers to find you
  3. It can help improve your online presence, SEO, and help you get on the first page of Google search results
  4. People expect you to have a website – it’s an instant credibility factor
  5. It allows you to provide information about your company offerings around the clock
  6. It is a great customer service tool and allows you to provide customer support
  7. A website is one of the most valuable marketing tools
  8. It help you become an authority in your local industry and become an industry expert

What a Website Provides Small Businesses

Investing in a website can pay off in many ways, including:

  • More leads and customers
  • Greater overall awareness about your brand
  • A place to build relationships with your customers
  • The ability to collect information about website visitors and customers (you can use this information to refine your marketing campaigns)
  • A place to communicate your key differentiators and sell online

What You Shouldn’t Expect From Your Website

There are also some misconceptions about websites that you need to be aware of. Websites, like any other area of your business, require attention if you want them to be successful and yield the results you want. They are not a “set it and forget it” thing.  Therefore, you shouldn’t expect immediate results and a huge spike in inquires on the first day your website goes live. It takes time to build website traffic, generate leads, and work your way up the Google search rankings. It takes careful planning, a good web design, and a strong marketing strategy – all things we can help you with.

Are you ready to build a website? Is it time for a redesign? Want to boost your search engine rankings? Site Dudes can help you with all of this and more. Contact us today to get started and learn more about our web design services.

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