Site Dudes – SEO Up & Running

Your Search Engine Optimization has been completed!
You can expect to see results for your keywords between 2-12 weeks of initial completion.

Your rankings will fluctuate on a weekly basis and may jump to different pages as we are working. By around the 12th week your keywords should have stabilized and show your true organic ranking.

How you can help your SEO ranking and in turn, earn more customers

The more you update your site (images, text, testimonials) the more Google and other search engines will crawl your site. The more they crawl your site, the more they understand what your site is about and the better your rankings will be. Updating is key!

Starting a blog is one way to help generate traffic to your site. We can even embed your blog onto your site for extra content. Having a blog is one way for people to know more about your company and possible share your content on social media.

While it may seem tempting to copy content you’ve used elsewhere online to help fill out your site this is definitely a strategy to avoid. Duplicate content is a major negative factor that can affect your ranking. Google wants to see that the content on your site is unique and relevant to your potential clients. This also means that having multiple sites for the same business is not a good idea.

Social media plays a huge role in SEO. More and more people are online all throughout the day. If they are looking for something specific they will want to see honest reviews from real people. This is where social media comes into play. You can think of it as free advertising. Similar to your site, the more content you have, the more online presence you will gain and the more likely people are to share your content.

Some social media accounts you should have

Web directories are a go to search tool for a lot of customers. Adding your company to these directories helps spread the word on what you do

Tips for social media and SEO success

  • Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts together. This will make it easier to share all over your networks
  • Try to include a link to your site whenever possible, this will generate more traffic and push Google to crawl your site
  • Make sure to set up a Google My Business account with accurate information regarding company name, address and phone number and the category that best represents your business selected.
  • Although sharing other companies posts are a great way to gain exposure, make sure you are also posting unique company content. Potential clients are coming to your page to learn more about you, not other companies.

If you have any questions or concerns about your SEO please feel free to contact customer service by email at or call 1-800-840-1797.