Terms and Conditions

Site Dudes reserves the right to terminate any sales rep or manager at any time to its sole discretion. This would terminate any payments or residual owed to that sales rep.

Site Dudes reserves the right to change commissions percentages, residual payments percentages and payment dates at any time.

All sales are subject to a verification call from Site Dudes admin staff before being billed and becoming a Site Dudes Client.

Sales Reps are paid monthly on the 15th of the following month for the previous calendar month’s sales and residual.

Payment is only via Direct Payment and your Chequing Details are required.

Residual share per sale, will last a total of 60 months, then 100% of the residual goes to Site Dudes.

Residual share per sale is only paid to the sales person if Site Dudes is able to collect the fees due. If payment is not received by Site Dudes, no residual share will be given.

Residual Qualification:
-2 or more website sales over the past calendar month

-New Sales reps get 2 monthly graces to keep their residual in their first 12 months

-For each year of service with 20 sales of more, an additional monthly grace is added for a max of 4 monthly graces per 12 months

Sales Tiers:
1. Sales Agent – 0 to 20 Sales over the last 12 months
2. Sales Ambassador – 21 to 40 Sales over the last 12 months
3. Sales Guru – 41 to 60 Sales over the last 12 months
4. Collaborator – 60 or more Sales over the last 12 months

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