Cybersecurity Solutions

Intuitive IT systems to safeguard your employees and company assets and cybersecurity training to reduce human-factored cybersecurity risks.

IT Essential Services

Personalized cyber-risk assessment and cyber-training using cyberconIQ’s patent-pending approach to reduce human-factor cyber-risk behaviour online and effectively reduce cyber-risk company wide.


A patent-pending style assessment designed to identify your risk-style and your on-line behaviour patterns.


Personalized security awareness training based on your myQ risk-style and on-line behaviour results.


Phishing simulation and remediation to further test and build your security awareness.

Proven Results

cyberconIQ has implemented our behavioral science-based assessment to identify the personal risk styles of every employee. After the assessment was completed by their staff, cyberconIQ delivered customized training to address the employee’s online vulnerabilities and styles with improved results.

Employee Surveys Showed 90% of Employees Agreed:


  • They have a better understanding of what and how cyberthreats can affect them.
  • They felt more confident in being able to deal successfully with cyberthreats.
  • The assessment helped them be more cyber aware in their personal life.
  • Participants reduced phishing test failures by 75%

Human Cyber Risk Management Platform

Where Technology, Cybersecurity & Behavioral Science Intersect

We Measurably Reduce the Probability of a Human Factor Cybersecurity Breach.

cyberconlQ embeds proven behavioral science methods targeting changes in on-the-job behavior into our full suite of SaaS-based Cybersecurity Products and Risk Advisory Services as a market differentiator.

We use psychology to reduce and delay impulsive, instinctive actions and replace them with a planned response.

By desensitizing individuals to the cybersecurity threats they are most vulnerable to, we improve security outcomes one person and one style at a time.

Dynamically Measure & Manage Human-Factor Cybersecurity Risks

Our Human Cyber Risk Management Platform is centered around something that we call “CYBERology”. CYBERology (trade marked) is based on a combination of Cybersecurity and everything that we do with best practices and Psychology or behavioural science and elements of sociology.

Our Patent-Pending myQ Stylizer

At the core of the cyberconIQ solution is our foundational myQ Stylizer that places anyone into one of four relatable risk “styles” that delivers personalized risk insights.

Connecting Personality Traits to Risk-Styles

This enhanced self-awareness is driven by trait-based personality theory, explaining our instinctive online behaviors and individual vulnerabilities to cyber threats.

Based on aggregate results, it can determine your organization’s underlying ‘Risk DNA’ to permit active measures to improve your organization’s risk posture.


  • 40 non-invasive questions
  • Accuracy results of 93.7%
  • Insight into an individual’s particular risk/rule style
  • Identify specific types of potential cybersecurity attacks or threat vectors

Style-Aligned, Curated, Personalized Content

When paired with our cognitively complex assessment, we can prove style-aligned education changes on-the-job behavior to decrease organizational risk.


Discover the Style-Aligned Difference!

Phishing Simulation & Remediation Solution

Avoid Social Engineering Attacks With Our AI and Phishing Intelligence Data-Based Solution.


  • Intelligent – Provides real-time threat intelligence to show internal vulnerabilities
  • Habit Forming – leverages behavioral psychology best practices to improve your organization’s cyber posture
  • Personalized – learns from user experience to provide personalized phishing simulations and training


Patent-Pending Style Assessment


Security Awareness Training


Phishing Simulation & Remediation

Your Pathway to Cyber Resilience

Our solutions are designed to strengthen the last mile of your human firewall against known and predictable vulnerabilities ….things like Ransomware, Malware, Insider Threats, Man-in-the-Middle which we refer to as the human elements of Cyber Security Risk.


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