HTML vs WordPress


HTML: Typically No
WordPress: Yes

Although we do offer CMS for our HTML websites, we highly recommend WordPress instead. WordPress usability is friendly, organized and simple with more options then our regular CMS.


HTML: Low Entry Fee
WordPress: Higher Fee

Our HTML sites are cheaper to set up, however options go further with a WordPress website.

Design Changes

HTML: Included
WordPress: Hourly Rate

Normal design changes are completed with no charge for both HTML and Worpdress site. However, when it comes to website structure, an hourly rate will apply for WordPress sites, no matter what the change. Some structure changes for regular HTML can pass without a hourly charge.

HTML: Extra Fee
WordPress: Included

We are in a time where viewing a website is important on a tablet and mobile device. Clients can purchase a mobile site with their regular HTML website. Our WordPress sites are responsive and will adapt to all devices screens.

HTML: Not Included
WordPress: Included

WordPress sites come with an added bonus of features that can be simply installed to a clients website. These plugins can create user friendly applications to update certain aspects of their site and make content more attractive. There are a lot of free plugins, however, some desired ones do come with a charge.
Website Updates

HTML: Included
WordPress: Included



Admin Ability

HTML: Not Included
WordPress: Included

With our regular HTML websites, clients have no access to make changes or touch their files unless we grant them FTP access. With our WordPress sites, we can allow clients to become specific admins to their sites. Here is a quick list of each role a client can become:

Administrator – Has access to all administrative options and features.
Editor – Can manage and publish posts. Traditionally, editors review posts submitted by contributors and then schedule them for review.
Author – Can publish their own posts when they wish.
Contributor – Can write posts but cannot publish them. Instead, they need to submit their posts for review.
Subscriber – Has basic functionality such as changing their profile and leaving comments.

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