Site Dudes CMS Tutorial

1. Login to

You will then be directed to your dashboard.

2. On the left side of the page, you will see all the pages on your website. Simply click on the one you would like to edit.
In this example, we are going to click the “About.asp” page

3. As you will see on the “About.asp” page, the text currently showing on the site appears on the top along with a website preview below. To Edit the text, click on the “Edit” button up top.

4. Once clicked, the edit screen will appear with your current text.

5. From here, you may add or subtract any text you would like. For now, we will add text to our about page.
Once completed. Click on the “Update” button below.

6. Once clicked, you will redirected back to your dashboard where you will see your changes.

7. You can now visit your website to see the live changes you have made.

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