Tutorials – Outlook XP / 2003

1. Open Outlook Express

2. Select Tools then Email Accounts

3. E-mail window will open select Add a new email account Then Click Next

4. Click POP3 then click Next.

5. Enter in your name in the Your Name section

6. In Email Address, enter in your email address. For ex: john@yourdomain.com

7. In username, enter the full email address again. For ex: john@yourdomain.com

8. In password, enter in the full password, SD#### (the password is your Site Dues ID # provided to you in your welcome package and don’t forget to capitalize the "SD")

9. Make sure to put a check mark in remember password

10. Do NOT place a check mark in: Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)

11. Server Info: Incoming: mail.yourdomain.com, Outgoing: mail.yourdomain.com

12. Click on the More Settings button and follow the steps below.

13. Once the window opens, click on the Outgoing Server tab, select "My server requires authentication" and select "Use same settings as my incoming server".

14. Click on the Advanced tab

15. Incoming server port number: 110

16. Outgoing server port number: 26

17. Do NOT select either options for "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)"

18. Click the OK button. Click the Next button.

19. You are now finished! To save changes: Click Finish, then close all open windows