Tutorials – Outlook 2013

1. Click file from the top left of the menu bar

2. Select info then Add Account

3. Select manually configure server settings or additional server types, then click next

4. Select POP/POP3 as the server type, then click next

5. The new window that opens will ask for specific details as per below:

  • Your Name: Your Name
  • Email address: name@domain.com
  • Account Type: POP3
  • Incoming Mail Server: mail.domain.com
  • Outgoing Mail Server: mail.domain.com
  • Username: name@domain.com
  • Password: yourpassword
  • Have remember password selected
  • Do NOT have Require logon using secure password authentication checked off. This should be empty

6. Click on more settings

7. Click on the outgoing server tab

  • Have my outgoing server requires authentication selected
  • Have use same settings as incoming server selected

8. Click on the advanced tab

  • Make sure that the incoming port number is 110
  • Make sure that the outgoing port number is 26
  • DO NOT use any encrypted connection or SSL connections

9. Click ok, then next/finish