Our mission is to assist business owners in the transition from offline to online efficiently without compromising quality or support. We help our clients realize their full online potential, lending expertise in communication and technology to build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Who We Are

Site Dudes Inc. creates professional and interactive websites tailored for start-up and small businesses. With 300 to 400 new clients added to our roster each month, we are North America’s leading custom website development company.* You will find Site Dudes websites used by our clients in Every state in the USA and Every province in Canada.

Why We’re Different

We’ve learned to keep it simple. Servicing small and new business owners is our specialty. We’re happy serving thousands of small business customers. Our customers appreciate the creative, technical and personal service we provide. We even answer our phone when you call. Real people providing real services – that’s what you deserve and that’s why we’re different! We don’t require long-term contracts. It’s essential that our customers see the value in our services. We want our customers to stay with us for years… and they do!

What We Do

Everything and Anything to do with creating and managing Professional websites. We do it all! Creation, Hosting, Domain Registration, Emails, Updates, Service.

To sum it up…We offer tremendous value and exceed the expectations of our clients.

* If your company can prove that it creates more custom websites than us we’d like to hear from you and we’ll remove this claim.
Why You Need A Website

Ask yourself this question…
Do you have a business?
If you answered yes to this question…

You need a website!!

Every business, big or small, that wants to be taken seriously MUST have a website.

Almost everyone learns about products and services from websites. More referrals come when friends, family and past clients are proud to refer your website.

Filter for your BEST prospects by automating initial contact on your website.

Save costs and increase your response to advertising by referring prospects to your website.


To be the dominant provider of website products, services and online solutions, enabling and transforming the way businesses effectively communicate with their audience