Social Media Services with Facebook

Facebook is Essential

Let Site Dudes manage your Facebook page with our Social Media experts.

This is the perfect service to start your company's Social Media presence on Facebook and engage with people interested in your business.

With daily monitoring & FAQ responses, Site Dudes will let you do what you do best while we monitor your companies Facebook page for you. We will reply to your Facebook fans with FAQ answers that you can provided to us.

Anyone interested in your products or services will be directed to you to follow up with.

We Create Your Business a Facebook Page

We will create your business a custom Facebook page where your fans can
engage with you daily.

Having an attractive Facebook page will increase Likes and fan engagement.

From your businesses Facebook page you can display many things about your business including what’s new,
current deals and photos.

We Update Your Facebook Page

Site Dudes will update your Facebook Page twice a week (Monday and Thursday) with engaging and interesting content for your fans.

This content is specifically created for your businesses Facebook page.

You are also able to post content to your Facebook page, and can run it by
us for any suggestions.

We Engage with Your Facebook Fans

Not only will Site Dudes create engaging posts, we will also correspond with any of your Facebook fans that reply to the posts the we create.

This allow you to do what your best at and Site Dudes handles the rest.

If there is ever a comment and concern that Site Dudes cannot handle, we will reach out to you to collaborate and a response.

We Help Grow Likes, Awareness and Reach on Facebook

By having engaging and interesting posts on your Facebook page, your fans will share the posts to give your Facebook page more visibility.

This will increase your Facebook Likes which gives your Facebook page
a wider audience and reach.

You will be able to get more awareness about your services, products and specials.

The Site Dudes Facebook Guide

Site Dudes has prepared a Facebook guide that will explain some of the best techniques to take advantage of your new Facebook page.

This guide will be invaluable as it explains how to create quality posts and engage with your Facebook fans.

It also explains how to grow you Facebook Likes and how this increases your reach across Facebook.

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Starter Service:

Create Facebook Page
Daily Monitoring
Daily FAQ Responses
Site Dudes Facebook Guide

$200 Set up



Free Consultation

Advanced Service:

Sponsored Post Creation
Sponsored Post Budget Management
Sponsored Post Daily Monitoring
Sponsored Post Comment Responses
Up to 5 Posts in one campaign

$200 Set up for each campaign


Free Consultation